Gerald Newman

Gerald Newman, Esq.

Founder and Principal Attorney


iBanksLawyers on average advises more than 120 private companies each year on how to raise capital and get listed on U.S. markets including OTC-BB, NASDAQ, American Stock Exchange, NYSE EURONEXT, as well as some international stock exchanges such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, AIM (London) and NASDAQ DUBAI. As principal attorney, Mr. Newman has worked with most of the major Wall Street Investment Banking Firms including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch, as well as regional and local funding sources. Mr. Newman also assists with ADRs, licensing, mergers, acquisitions and international investors seeking a U.S. Green Card through the EB-5 process. Mr. Newman brings a unique perspective on advising private companies since he has been an owner or partner in 14 different business including companies located in both the U.S. and Italy, PRC (China), Taiwan and Guatemala. In addition to his experience advising private companies, Mr. Newman has served as the director of a publicly traded company and was the founder of three companies that went public. His long list of business partners and associates includes an Internet start-up that was sold for $4.6 billion and a company he took public now doing more than $200 million in annual sales. For a partial list of Mr. Newman’s worldwide contacts see iBanksLawyers on or send e-mail to

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