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Leo Sarabia has represented groups, governments, private companies/public companies, organizations, celebrities, business individuals in the areas of financing, corporate structure, business development, mergers and acquisitions, international relations and all other areas of finance. Having assisted in organizing the funds for a $58 billion project within weeks has placed him within the very top of the private equity sector in business. His close ties to the Hollywood elite has enabled him to create new and innovative ways to finance films. Residing in Beverly Hills and New York City for the past 23 years he has forged relationships with the top decision makers from around the world. His ability to negotiate and structure projects for funding has made him one of the top deal makers in business today. Throughout his career Leo has brought together relationships from United Artists, Prime Ministers, Royal Families, both film and television stars, politicians, etc., in order that by bridging the gaps they may more effectively and efficiently reach their business goals. This consequently, has led to a very prosperous outcome for those that have been involved with his team and him.

In 2004 Leo Sarabia wrote a 500 page book chronicling his fast paced life as one of the youngest bi-coastal Investment Bankers of his time and is constantly speaking at finance forums around the world. Leo regularly served as an expert on the economy's outlook for a national newspaper. An ex-professional athlete who drives his business in a manner indicative to his early training as a professional competitor. He has a BA Degree in International Business from The Ohio State University.

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